Saturday December 11th Schedule SASAT 2010

Session I :
Opening Remarks : Jawed Fareed, President, SASAT
Plenary Lectures    
Chair : Dr. Fareed and Gundu H. R. Rao
09:00-09:50am : Keynote Address "Historic Perspective on Heparins"
Sir Vijay Kakkar MD, FRCS
09:50-10:00am : Newer Oral Anticoagulant Drugs and Their Impact on the Management of Thrombosis
Alexander G.G. Turpie, M.D.
10:00-10:30am : Coffee Break
Session II    
Chairs : Dr. V Prakash and Prof. VV Kakkar
    Special Lectures on Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
10:30-10:50am : CVDs: Indian Perspective
Sridahr Dwivedi M.D Ph.D
10:50- 11:10am : Diagnosis of Pre Clinic Arthrosclerosis: Myth and Reality
Ravi Kasliwal M.D.
11:10-11:30am : Management of Metabolic Disorders with Statins
Dipti Itchhaponaria, MD
11:30-11:50am : Newer anti-thrombotic Therapies.  Are Unmet Needs Met!
Jawed Fareed, Ph.D
 12:00-01:00pm : Lunch
Session III : Guest Lectures
Chairs : Dr. Kasliwal and Dr. U. N. Das
    Cardio-Metabolic Disorders
01:00-01:20pm : Metabolic syndrome in the young.
Usha Sriram M.D.
01:20-01:40pm : Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in Mysore; findings from retrospective and prospective ??Birth Cohort Studies"
Veena SR, M.D and Krishnaveni, M.D.
01:40-02:00pm : Inflammation in Cardio-metabolic Syndrome: How to weather the perfect storm
Kris Vijay M.D.
02:00-02:20pm : Do we need tight control of blood glucose? Overview.
U. N. Das, M.D.
02:20-02:40pm : Prevalence of CVD and Diabetes in Urban and Rural Kolar
BG Ranganath, M.D.
02:40-03:00pm : Panel Discussion on Cardio-Metabolic Disorders
03:00-03:15pm : Coffee Break
Session IV : Invited Lectures
Chairs : Kris Vijay and Dr. Krishna Swamy
03:20-03:40pm : The Chemistry and Biology of AGE and RAGE in Diabetes
P.R.  Krishna Swamy, Ph.D
03:40-04:00pm : "Changes in laminin in kidney during diabetes and its binding to extra-cellular membrane constituents and modulation by dietary fiber and butyric acid"
P. Salimath, Ph.D
04:15-04:30pm : Prediction of risk to microvascular complications in Type 2 Diabetes using co-expression network biology models
Shipra Agrawal, Ph.D
04:15-04:30pm : "Thrombophilia in unprovoked DVT - Our experience"
Dr. K.R. Girija, JIVAS, Bangalore
04:45-05:00pm : "Novel modalities of measuring atherosclerosis"
R. Ravikumar, Ph.D, Director - Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute, Chennai
05:00-05:15pm : "Refractory Angina - New treatment options; Our experience"
Dr. Srikanth, M.D., Chennai
05:15-05:30pm : "Role of C-Peptide in the Progress of Metabolic Syndrome among the type - 2 DM Individuals in South India".
Shaheena Banu, M.D., Ph.D., Head of the Department, Biochemistry, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bangalore
05:45-06:00pm : "Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks:"
Gundu Rao, CEO, Jawed Fareed, President, and G. Muralidharan, COO
08:00 pm onwards : Dinner for Faculty and Participants Sponsored by Medifil.