Friday, 13th October, 2006
SASAT Scientific Program - Le Meridien, Bangalore

08.00am - 09.00am Registration
Le Meridien Hotel - Bangalore, India
Plenary Session I
09.00 - 10.30 AM
Prof. C. N. Manjunath, Co-Chair: Prof. Vijay V. Kakkar
09.00 - 09.20 AM Newer Bio-Markers for Atherosclerosis
Dr. Andrew Nicolaides, MD, FRCS,
Emeritus Professor of Vascular Surgery, Imperial College of London, UK
09.20 - 09.40 AM Cardiovascular Disease: Old Issues and New Perspectives
Dr. Sandip K. Mukherjee, MD,
Professor, Cardiovascular Division,
Yale School of Medicine, New Haven CT, USA
09.40 - 10.00 AM Newer Anti-thrombin Compounds
Dr. Jawed Fareed, PhD,
Director, Thrombosis Research, Loyola University School of Medicine, Chicago, USA
10.00 - 10.30 AM Discussions
10.30 - 11.00 AM Coffee Break
General Session
11.00 am - 01.00 pm
Prof. S T Yavagal, Co-Chair: Dr. V. Govindaraju, Moderator: Dr. M. Maiya
11.00 - 11.20 AM Cancer & Thrombosis
Dr. Vijay V. Kakkar, MD,
Director, Thrombosis research Institute, London, UK
11.20- 11.40 AM Drug Eluting Stents in Real World Practice
Dr. C. N. Manjunath,
Director, Professor, & HOD of Cardiology,
Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bangalore, IN
11.40 - 12.00 N Endothelial Function Assessment & Modification in Disease
Dr. K. S. Ravindranath,
Professor of Cardiology,
Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Banagalore, IN
12.00 - 12.20 PM Bivalurdin in Acute Coronary Syndrome - Where we Stand in Clinical Practice
Dr. S. S. Iyengar,
Professor & HOD of Cardiology,
St. John's Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore, IN
12.20 - 12.40 PM DVT Prophylaxis
Dr. Nagaraj Desai,
Professor & HOD of Cardiology,
Sri Ramiah Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore, IN
12.40 - 01.00 PM Discussions
01.00 - 02.00 PM LUNCH BREAK
Plenary Session II
02.00 - 03.30 PM
Chair: Dr. V. Mohan, Co-Chair: Dr. Gundu H.R. Rao
02.00 - 02.20 PM Intrauterine Life and Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Yajnik, MD,
Director, Diabetes Program, K.E.M. Hospital, Pune, IN
02.20 - 02.40 PM Non-traditional Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetics
Dr. Vivian Fonesca, MD,
Professor of Medicine, Tulane University Health Sciences Center, USA
02.40 - 03.00 PM The Diabetes Epidemic in India - Why & What can be Done?
Dr. V. Mohan, MD, PhD,
Director, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, IN
03.00 - 03.30 PM Discussions
03.30 - 04.00 PM Coffee Break
Special Topic
04.00 - 05.30 PM
Management of Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Disease Today: Issues and Answers
Chair: Dr. Andrew Nicolaides, Co-Chair: Dr. Lekha Pathak, Moderator: Prof. Vijay V. Kakka
04.00 - 04.20 PM International Consensus on the Management of Venous Thrombosis
Dr. Andrew Nicolaides, MD,
Director, Vascular Screening and Diagnostic Center, Nicosia, Cyprus
04.20 - 04.40 PM Advances in the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes
Dr. Lekha Pathak, MD,
Hon. Cardiologist to President of India
04.40 - 05.00 PM Heparin Aspirin and Warfarin: Will these Drugs be Replaced by Newer Drugs?
Dr. Jawed Fareed, PhD,
Professor Pathology and Pharmacology, LUMC, Chicago, USA
05.00 - 05.30 PM Discussions
07.00 - 10.00 PM Invocation: Dr. I. B. Vijayalakshmi
Welcome: Dr. C. N. Manjunath
Introduction: Dr. Gundu H.R. Rao
Message: Dr. Jawed Fareed, President SASAT, USA
Message: Dr. V. Mohan, President SASAT, India
Presidential Address: Dr. Vijay V. Kakkar MD, FRCS, First President SASAT International:
Need for Thrombosis Research in India: Reflections on the Efforts of TRI and SASAT
Award Presentation
Book Release
Chief Guest?
Vote of Thanks: Dr. Shaheena Banu
Gala Dinner Sponsored by the hosts: SJIC