Delhi Summit 2007 - Topics & Contributors

Current Perspectives on the Genericilization of Antithrombotic Drugs
J. Fareed - Chicago, USA
W. Leong - Vancouver, Canada
R. Altman - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Current Regulatory Requirements for the Approval of Generic Drugs
W. Raake - Munich, Germany
M. Venkateswarlu - New Delhi, India (Invited Summary)

Limitations of the current regulatory requirements for the approval of newer generic drugs - Low molecular weight heparins as a case in point
A. Sasahara - Boston, USA
A. Lale - Kansas City, USA 
V. Muthuswamy - New Delhi, India

Differentiation of Generic Low Molecular Weight Heparins and Pentasaccharides
J. Walenga - Chicago, USA
P. Williame - Paris, France
B. Kaiser - Erfurt, Germany

Concept of Bio Similar Drugs and it's scope an limitations
F. Ofosu - Hamilton, Canada
W. Haque - Edmonton, Canada

/Development of new guidelines for the approval of generic versions of antithrombotic drugs
R. Saxena - New Delhi, India
R. Wahi - Charleston, USA
N. Kipshidze - New York, USA

Pharmacopeial Positions
Invited Representative of USP
Invited Representative of EP
P. Rama Rao - Chandigarh, India

Industry Positions
U. Cornelli - Milan, Italy
J. Mardiguian - Paris, France
S. Tetali - Teaneck, USA

Regulatory Agencies and their positions
I. Khan - Geneva, Switzerland
M. Ruttlant - Barcelona, Spain
M. Walter Jeske - Bethesda, USA
V. Muthuswamy - New Delhi, India

Ongoing discussions on the generic acceptance of Bio-Technology based drugs (Review of Policy and Focus on Biogenerics)
U. Cornelli - Milan, Italy
Y. Yazaki - Tokyo, Japan
A. Demir - Edirne, Turkey

Congressional Debates
A. Sasahara - Boston, USA
A. Takada - Hamamatsu, Japan
W. Jeske - Chicago, USA

Global Perspective
W. Leong - Vancouver, Canada
G. Rao - Minneapolis, USA
A. Al-Momen - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Report from the ISTH/ SSC on the control of Anticoagulations
J. Fareed - Chicago, USA
J. Harenberg - Mannheim, Germany

Report from the IUA/Scientific Committee and Committee on Industrial Affairs
F. Fernandez - Lisbon, Portugual
A. Nicolaides - Nicosia, Cyprus
E. Kalodiki - London, England

ICATH Position on Generic LMWH Development
R. Bick - Oxnard, USA
D. Hoppensteadt - Chicago, USA
J. Fareed - Chicago, USA

NATF Position on Generic Antithrombotic Drugs
J. Fanikos - Cambridge, USA
A. Sasahara - Cambridge, USA
S. Goldhaber - Cambridge, USA
J. Fareed - Chicago, USA

Clinical Perspective
L. Pathak - Mumbai, India
S. Parekh - Mumbai, India
A. Sasahara - Boston, USA
R. Wahi - Charleston, USA
S. Babu - New York, USA
V. Arora - New Delhi, India

Distinguished Panel of Indian Physicians
C. Ross - Bangalore, India
B. Shah - New Delhi, India
A. Das Gupta - Mumbai, India
R. Das - Chandigarh, India
S. Damodar - Banglore, India
R. Saxena - New Dehli, India
L. Pathak - Mumbai, India
D. Mohanty - New Delhi, India

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