Saturday October 11th Schedule SASAT 2008

Newer Anticoagulants and Heparins: issues and Answers
Chair: R. Saxena, Co-chair: R. Hull, Moderator: R. R. Chaudhury

Keynote Address: R. R. Chaudhury, India
"Health Care Policies in South East Asian Countries. The Lead Role of India."

Heparin Related Issues: Do we have the answers? J. Fareed, USA
Generic Low Molecular Weight Heparins: R. Hull, Canada
Heparins will prevail: An invited commentary: P.V. Raju, India

Heparin Immunogenicity
Chair: R. Saxena, Co-chair: D. Mohanty, Moderator: J. Fareed

Heparin Immunogenicity versus HIT: R. Saxena, India
Anti-thrombin agents as substitute for Heparins: Is there a differentiation. O. Iqbal, USA
and M. George, USA
Newer Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa agents for the management of thrombosis: W. Leong, Canada

Keynote Address: M. Wali, India
"Stroke and CVD in India"

Clinical Trials and Management of Vascualr Disease
Chair: R. Hull, Co-chair: A. Nicolaides, Moderator: A. Halaris

IUA guidelines for the management of CVDs: A. Nicolaides, Cyprus and UK
ACCP guidelines for the management of CVDs: W. Leong, Canada
Overview of Clinical Trials for the management of DVT: R. Hull, Canada
Low Molecular Weight Heparins for the Management of Thrombosis: E. Kalodiki, India
Cancer and Thrombosis: O. Iqbal, USA

Hepatic Dysfunctions and Hemostasis
Chair: D. VanThiel and S. Sarin, Moderator: V. Arora

Introduction: David Van Thiel, USA

Hepatic Diseases and Hemostasis: S. Sarin, India
Current Trends in Liver Transplantation: D. Thiel, USA
Liver Transplantation Associated Inflammatory and Hemostatic Changes: M. George, USA
Topical Thrombins as Hemostatic Agents: R. Wahi, USA
Invited Discussion - V. Arora, India

Closing Ceremonies

(*Note: Time allotted for each presentation is 20 minutes)

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